5 Formalities to Follow in Irish Pubs


Every culture is different. When you visit a new place, you need to learn about their culture so that you don’t get into an awkward situation. You should learn the way they greet, speak and do things.

When you visit places like casinos and pubs, you need to maintain certain etiquette. Here are some formalities you should know about before visiting an Irish pub.

Buying rounds

Are you wondering what this means? ‘Buying drinks in rounds’ is a common term used when you go to the pub in groups. This is quite interesting. Each person in the group will pay for the drinks of their friends once. They will take rounds and pay for them all each time.

5 Formalities to Follow in Irish Pubs beer taps - 5 Formalities to Follow in Irish Pubs

Dress code

You can wearcasual clothes to the bar. A shirt and jeans will be fine. You can also wear sandals or sneakers. You will be allowed to enter the pub wearing any type of clothes, as there is no dress code at Irish pubs.


In Irish pubs, you don’t need to tip the bartenders. However, it is highly appreciated. You don’t need to tip the bartender every time, but in case of a special occasion, or when you go in large groups or ask the bartender to make any complicated cocktail, some tips would make the bartender happy.

Age limit

In Ireland, 18 is the legal age to enter a pub. However, under 18s can also enter pubs, but they have to leave before 9 pm. The age limit may differ from one pub to the other. Some pubs may not allow anyone under 18 to enter the pub.

Choices of drinks

You should know the names of the common drinks served at the Irish pubs. These include Guinness, Irish Whiskey, Craft Beer, Baileys, Irish Gin, and more.

If you visit an Irish pub, you should remember these things so that you don’t feel uncomfortable during your visit.

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