5 Reasons Why Irish Pubs Are Special


Just like Italian pizzas and French bistros, Irish pubs have gained quite a name. People who love drinking would want to go to an Irish pub for a special experience. Here are the reasons why Irish pubs are so special.


Irish pubs hold a deep and culturally rich history. There is a rumour that the apple which Adam took was intended for making cider in Ireland. The Irish people take pride in having the oldest pub in Europe. It’s called Sean’s Bar in Athlone which dates back to900 AD.

Guests are called by names

One special thing about Irish pubs is that once you start going to the pub regularly, people there will start to call you by your name. The bartenders try to remember the names of the guests from their first visit and welcome them properly when they visit the pub the next time.

The pub architecture

In the 19th century, selling of alcohol was restricted. So, many pubs had to close down. The pub owners shifted their business a bit. Alcohol was sold along with groceries in long bars.

There was space behind the bar for displaying the beverages and the rest of the space was used for groceries. This unique bar architecture can still be seen in Irish pubs.

Art of pouring Guinness

Guinness is famous in Irish pubs. It is a malt drink with foam on top. It is very interesting to see how it’s poured in the glass. In Irish pubs, it’s a great experience to see how the bartenders tilt the glass to 45 degrees to pour the drink.

The pint slowly changes from brown to black. It is then topped with a creamy head before presenting it to the guest.

No smoking

Smoking is banned in Irish pubs. There is a specific smoking area in the pub. You will not find this in any other pub. So, it’s a special feature of an Irish pub.

These unique features make the Irish pubs stand out from the rest. You will be able to enjoy your drink and learn about Irish traditions by entering an Irish pub.

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